What Dort Keiper of OverView brings to a photo, video or film shoot is irreplaceable. OverView does so much more than location scouting.

With years of experience, more connections than she can count and a keen eye for every kind of detail, she’s the go-to for agencies, film makers, marketing departments and producers.

Shoots are successful when someone’s paying attention to both the big picture and the little things — and anticipating what could go wrong. Dort takes the guesswork out of the shoot by watching over everything, nailing the details and knowing the territory. She’s solved your problems before you know you have them, so you can concentrate on your job.

"Working with Dort Keiper and OverView was easy, because Dort made it so. We shot a commercial in a working hospital, a situation full of potential difficulties, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly thanks to her."
Henry Watkins - Principal, Henry Watkins Productions